We have a range of portable electric heaters to suit most requirements. From a 2kw thermostatically controlled convection heater to keep your office warm. To our 81kw portable unit for much larger spaces.

Our experienced team will advise you on the most suitable type of unit for your requirements

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12KW Heavy Duty Fan Heater 400V

12KW Heavy Duty Fan Heater 400V - Thermobile CH12 Electric Fan Heater A heavy duty fan heater with low air flow / high temperature. Robustly constructed electric space heater suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Especially suitable for use in closed rooms requiring odour free, clean dry heat with no open flame.

2kw Electric Convection Heater

A convection heater featuring a convenient 24 hour programmable timer. A compact yet powerful and reliable electric space heater provides heat fast and when you needed comes with adjustable output and thermostatic control. The heat output can be manually changed between 0.75kW, 1.2kW, and 2kW, making this plug-in heater energy efficient and cost-effective. The stylish and versatile design of this freestanding heater means it is perfect for domestic and commercial use. It is also very lightweight and runs silently, making it a great temporary heating solution.

42kw Electric Fan Heater

Mighty Heat - Fire Flo Super - Industrial Electric Space Heaters The most powerful 63A heater available. Designed and built for industrial use the FF42 features variable heat output, 24V control circuit for safety, remote thermostat socket, spigot, over temperature protection and an auto run on as standard. The FF42 is fitted with a powerful forward curved impeller that can deliver heat along 30m of ducting.

A 63kW heater for heavy duty applications

A 63kW heater for heavy duty applications. The FF63 features a powerful contra rotating fan motor for pumping heat down long lengths of ducting, a heavy duty build, thermostatic control, over temperature protection and lockable castors. Lifting eyes for easy transportaion.